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Our Story


Willa's is a neighborhood restaurant that loves its people. 

To us, a neighborhood restaurant serves food that people want to eat all the time, with an attentive staff that remembers regulars. At Willa’s, we’re thrilled to serve and support Tampa‘s locals and visitors alike. Rooted in a deep sense of hospitality, Willa’s is a casual gathering space serving classic dishes.

See you real soon. 


William was always a woman. 

Willa's is named for William "Willie" Lowry a 19th-century Tampa pioneer whose original family home remains today on South Plant Avenue. Her devotion to her hometown and civic involvement still reverberates throughout Tampa. Co-owner Merrin Jenkins, Willie's great-great granddaughter, wanted to create a restaurant that loved its people, and felt the name Willa embodied everything we want to be. Welcome to Willa's!